torsdag den 31. maj 2007


nemate pojma kako je fino kad se samo ti javljas na ovaj blog...isto..isto...isto nista, cudak, seno covjek, ma bih idiot, mislim da se vise ne moram ni potpisivati..ta zna se ko je! :P

tirsdag den 29. maj 2007


Ja ne znam sta cemo sa ostatkom ovog projekta stvarno...meni se kao nesto poduzima, ali ne mozemo mi tu nista, svi znamo kakvi smo mi u Mostaru. necemo moc zadrzat taj interes za cenatar kod ljudi, osim toga dosadit cemo sami sebi sa istim stvarima, a kamoli drugima. tko zna koliko ce vremena njima trebati da postave centar.. Eto ljudi ako netko jos uvijek koristi ovaj blog s vremena na vrijeme..neka sa javi :o) ili ako ima neku ideju pa i nevezano za ovo... :P VIDIMO SE!



onsdag den 23. maj 2007

you are done for now!

thanks a lot ones more!

the pictures are now ready and we are preparing the exhibition. It would be nice to see you all there tomorrow at some point. Enjoy the day and have fun!

all the best from Søren and the rest of the group!

fredag den 18. maj 2007

wauw! a lot has happend and i havne't been able too keep the blog up dated.

i think every one has done theire interviews by now. some has done even more. -well done and thanks! yesterday was some how confusing... extremely many people showed up to be interviewed many more than what i knew about... so there was a big lack of journalists to ask questions. thanks to your proffesionalisme we managed to get every one through the questions. I'm very impressed!

then today an other problem with communication accured. The people at the tecnical school was waiting for us, and we were not there... i'm not sure if it was me and the group that wasn't clear about the situation or if you as journalists missed out on the situation. Nanna had to go and appologies to the school course they were a bit upset about the situation. -that is the real life and we have to deal with it.

dead line is tomorrow and i'm looking very much forward to see what your comming up with!

have fun!

Søren, head of communication.

torsdag den 17. maj 2007

Meeting on tuesday

hi all journalists.

there is a meeting on tuesday, check our email, and return to me please.

i love the comment, two down one to go! -good work! but who made it?

Stay in touch.

Head of communication, Søren

onsdag den 16. maj 2007

Two down one to go

I was thinking about the rest of my week and i realised that would be best to do both outside interviews today and I'm done.I am so happy that it is going well because I would like you guys to pass your exams and I would like us to have fun at exibition on the Spanish square and as it seems it will be great exibition.Secondly I done two interview today and I am pleased with the people I talked to because they had some different ideas and future wishes.I think this wishes will make great photos.Ok enough from me i thin i am getting borring see ya soon and best wishes to everybody.

you are as well!!!

I´m very glad cuz i´m "rocking" but all of you are doing that too:)
It was hard to find you at your favorite cafe "Oscars bar"...but anyway i have survived so i learnt something...
Never listen to Anders and Søren when they talk about cafés in Mostar!...:-))
Unfortunately you will have to improvise ;)

well done! quick respons! very good! -Ivana will be there on time, Armin and Samila will be there 13.30. our contact person is Belma Golos. details is in your mailbox. -see you there! Abrasevic the 17th of may at Abrasevic at 13.00.

Very Very Good work! all of you!

Søren, Head of Communication

one day has past.


that was the first day with external interviews. -an other day is comming up! Tomorrow at 13.00 Belma from Ekonomska Skola will bring about 6 people to Abrasevic. Who is up for this?? join in as many as possible.

let me know before showing up.

-Today it seemed like everyone did a good job, I haven't heard any thing els. So Very Good work!

-Søren. head of communication!

tirsdag den 15. maj 2007

meeting at Abrasevic

okay okay, Samila and Tajma will be at Abrasevic around 13.30 after school. Very very good job! -kooking forward to see and hear from you all!

head of communication. Søren

medical school full

Ivana took the last one at the Medical school!! so full house.

i haven't heard from Martina, her phone doesn't work, and no answer on email. are you okay? -if anyones sees her, let her know that there are still people waiting at Abrasevic at 13.30 the 16th of may.

I think thats it for today! -Good work to all!

-Søren, head of communication.

-what a day!

jazzy jaz

jasmina goes to Abresevic the 16th of may at 13.30, good work!

and good luck to all of you!

-head of communication

we are still moving

Armin will be at abrasevic around 13.45 to make an interview. this is going great, question is if I can keep up in this tempo... good work all of you!

talk soon!

head of communication

Belma is rocking!

Belma meet me and Anders at our favourite café, the first interview is done and it was fantastic to hear! well done!

Belma is also going for the medical school tomorrow the 16th of may. Good work!

further more she is taking contact with Nermana Campara, our contact person at Srednja elektro-tehnicka skola Mostar. please return to me when contact has been made.

Nermana has arrange a meeting with 6 interview objects at Friday the 18th of may, details is in your mail box.

head of communication.


new news

Ivan is also going to the medical school the 16th of may at 12.30 -good work!

Tajme is going to meet with a student from Srednja Prometna skola Mostar at abresevic the 16th of may at 14.15. the arangement should be agreed upon. -i'm still waiting for confirmation from Ana Anicic, our contact person at the school. If you see her around please inform her.

samila was sick today, how are you feeling now?? you said yes to do an interview tomorrow, let me know if you can't.

head of communication.

you are the bomb!

At 13.30 the 16th of may there will be people waiting at Abrasevic. Samila has said yes -very good! any one ells??


deals has been made!

now we are rolling!

keep it up!

Igor and Aida are going to the medical school tomorrow the 16th of may at 12.30. Igor said he would make two interviews. this meens that there are still 3 students left at the medical school to be interviewed. if anyone has the possibility to do it, let me know! Otherwise i must take contact with them and tell them that we only can take 3.

let me know ASAP.

head of vommunication

interviews to be made!

hi journalists!

we have a lot of people there want to be interviewed, call me or mail me! -we are in a hurry!!

-Søren, head of communication. :0)

mandag den 14. maj 2007


HI every one.

As the head of communication, I can inform you that today i will return to all of you working as journalists with info about interview objects. Hope you are having fun starting up! remember to take contact if you have any question! have a good day all of you!

-Søren, Head of communication. :0)


eeeeeeeeeee, I learned to post this thing on blog! THANKS MARTINA! It was very nice today, I especialy liked the part when we had to skip classes..hehe, I just kiding! It was very exciting, fun, hard working, and again, it all passed perfectly:) I'm glad we have a group like this, and people.. GET TO THE BLOG ALREADY!! We want to heare some more experiences and opinions about this workshop! :)



Hi everybody! Thank you for a great experience on saturday. I'm really sorry we didn't have room for everybody in the workshop today, but it's so cool to see that so many of you are engaged and exited to participate. So, even if just 10 of you could be in the photoworkshop, I just want to encourage ALL of you to continue using the blog!!! And as a photographer, I would off course love to see a lot of pictures here. This is the perfect place to show people who you are, what you dream about, what challenges you have and what you are willing to fight for. I will do my best to give feedback on every picture posted on this blog, so come on you guys, go out there and show me what you got! :-)


And just to get you started, here is some inspiration:
These are some of the photos taken during the workshop today. The students worked together two and two, trying to translate different words in to pictures...





Newspaper agency

Another day at the workshop is over.For me it was even better then the first one because we have done more work and found out more about our "mission".Real work will start now and hopefully I will be done with the interviews on time.See you soon.

søndag den 13. maj 2007


Here you go! the amazing masunga that made the security guard scared! -Well done!

lørdag den 12. maj 2007

Day at the workshop

It looks like I am the first one to write about today's workshop.When i cam in that classroom I was tired and sleepy but after Masungas energizer I felt better and ready for work.Generally that's when the fun started.Everything in the program was fun but i think Picture the face was the best way to start our workshop.I liked every part of the program because i noticed that a lot of people around me have similar ideas about the way we could change our city and country.I think that the most educative thing was World cafe because I exchanged my opinions about various things with other students around me and I noticed that there is hope for our country only if we can give chance to young people to change it.When it all ended i felt sad because i wanted to talk more about this but and I hoped that we could do it again hopfully at monday's workshop.

Igor Majic

Pictures from the workshop - enjoy!!!

the blog is born!!

It is now 16.45 and we have just left the Gymnasium after a fantastic workshop with more or less 27 young participants from Mostar. It was a learningfull experience that we will bring forward in our project -picture your future- I pesonally hope with all of my heart that you as a participant took some thing with you from this! -The blog that we have just made is so you can continue your dialogues and stay united as a group that wants to achive the goals in front of you.
We will see some of you on Monday. I hope to see all of you around in town or in Denmark one day -maybe... there was a lot of talking about traveling and going away from Mostar. Let us know what you are doing.

All the best from Søren and the group!